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Welcome to the Pickleball Blog, Website & Poll on DUPR.

Updated: Apr 2

Welcome to the first official blog post associated with the PlayPickleballWI website. This site is a community effort share information. You are the eyes and ears on the ground around the area. If you have something to report, such as that "nets are now up," new venues, different times at venues, tournaments, etc. please send information in to get updated on this site. While yes, there are some apps on "where to play" - I have found that information can be old and incomplete.

Do you have some great pictures of play around the area? Send them in for future blog inclusion. We all love to see what is happening on the courts, as well as see some of our pickleball friends at play.

Are you an artist with a love for the game of pickleball? Any unique gift ideas you are interested in possibly showcasing on the upcoming "shopping" page on this site? Please let me know.

Take a look around the new website; more is coming after this official "launch." Thanks for sharing the URL with people that might find it of interest.


DUPR Ranking Discussion and Poll

Dynamic Universal Pickleball Ranking is a system that uses an algorithm to rank players. While this might sound like a good idea to some, there are drawbacks - including erroneous results such as this one posted on social media (name hidden). I've heard this concern, as well a couple of other concerns, from a seasoned instructor/pro as well. What are the thoughts of those that have received a ranking from this system? Please let others know in the anonymous poll below!

FAQs on DUPR can be found here.

I've been ranked and AGREE with the ranking

  • 0%YES

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