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Tips for Novice Players

Are you new to Pickleball or just want to improve your success? Here are a few tips:

  1. For most recreational players, Pickleball is more about placement than power.

  2. Keep the ball in play. The doubles team who makes fewer unforced errors is most likely to win. According to an accomplished tournament player and instructor, 75% of rallies are won (or lost) because of errors; only 25% are actually earned or won by a good shot.

  3. Rather than trying to hit a winner every shot, it is better to place the ball back over the net in control and let the opponents make the fault, or wait for a chance to hit a sure winner.

  4. The safest place to hit a ball in doubles is deep down the middle – this minimizes the chances of hitting wide and may cause confusion over which opponent should return the ball.

  5. Try to hit to your opponent’s backhand, most players have less power and are less comfortable hitting with their backhand.

  6. Most important - be kind, supportive and have fun!

What is your biggest complaint?

  • Opposing side making the "call" on whether ball is good

  • Slammers

  • Constant lobbing of ball

  • Something not listed here


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