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Coach Andy G.

Homegrown Milwaukean, Coach Andy G aka Andy Gutierrez from St. Anthony's, Pio Nono/ Thomas More n UW- Parkside graduate/ alum is in town.

He is a IFP Certified Pickleball Instructor for 6 yrs. Playing for 11+ now at a 4.5 level.

He is creator of Strategic Pickleball Training-SPT.

"Learn to play the game like chess vs checkers"

SPT was created for the player who not only wants to get better but also smarter.

He has taught more than 1,000 players SPT across the US and Canada.

Also Coach/Friend to young Pro Kyle Yates, 7 time US Open Champ n 4 time National Champ from my hometown of Ft. Myers.

Coach Andy G will be conducting 4 Free Beginners clinics on Memorial Day at 9, 11, 1&3pm at Dale Z's On Tour

Located at 3585 S. Howell Ave.

He will also be conducting SPT clinics this week also.

For more information go to;



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