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Pro Kelly Whalen

Kelly Whalen

Want to take your game to the next level? I can help.​​

  • Certifications: PCl, Level 2

  • Georgraphic area served: All over. Will travel to you and meet new players.

  • Fees: 1 Hr. private - $60, 2 people - $40/person, 3 people - $30/person. (Nominal trip charge for travel outside of Greater Milwaukee County)

Experience and Approach 

Kelly (and Terry), of "Everything Pickleball," have been avidly engaged in pickleball for 8 years after decades of being involved in coaching and playing various sports.

Kelly comes to pickleball out of a very successful racquetball career that ended with her induction into the Wisconsin Racquetball Hall of Fame and several national Seniors Masters titles. Added to this is her longtime experience as a Phy-Ed teacher and sports coach.


She is a certified pickleball instructor through PCI, (Level 2),  and has worked with several Park/Rec programs in the summers in addition to teaching individuals. The summer programs emphasize growing the sport at the grassroots level, (beginners/advanced beginners), while also offering clinics and drills for the intermediate and advanced players.  The winter finds her at Center Court in Waukesha offering clinics/lessons/group instruction to all levels of players. Kelly has taught all around metro-Milwaukee including heading up the program last year at the Wisconsin Club.

Kelly’s approach is to improve your game and your skill sets, after evaluating how you play, through offering drills that are fun, challenging, and appealing and that inspire you to be your best self on the court. Kelly capitalizes on her many year of  teaching/coaching to everyone she instructs and adeptly develops the skills in each of her students. She has a wide following and is highly respected in the pickleball community, not only for her skill level, but for her love for/ability of knowing how to teach. Many students appreciate Kelly’s flexibility and willingness to travel to their area, even if it means she brings her net and equipment to your local court!

Kelly and Terry's joint business, Everything Pickleball,  besides offering lessons with Kelly, (and Terry as event coordinator/manager), runs themed events and tournaments, no matter what the group size may be. From the HoHoHo Scramble to the Hen House, Battle of the Paddles to the Fall Brawl, they offer fun events all year round - check them out on our website,, as well being posted on this site under the "Events" tab.


S. Casper

As a lifelong tennis player who has switched to playing PB due joint replacements ,

I can say that Kelly Whalen stands heads above any of the local pros/coaches who are “teaching” PB. 

She, more than anyone I have worked with, understands the fundamentals of the game,

conveys them well, and always is applying them throughout her drills and lessons.

The only coach that surpasses her in instruction is Zane Navartil.

Since he has turned pro and no longer remains as our local celebrity, Kelly is the next best choice.  She has embraced many of his principles and techniques.

Beware, any tennis pro that teaches both disciplines is not advisable. Most often they have little appreciation of the true difference between the two sports.

Lori & Mark

Lorie and I, after engaging in a variety of activities found Pickleball. After playing for a while, we realized that there are any number of techniques and styles in which to play this fun sport.

We chose to research local instructional talent, to improve our game and lucky for us, we found Kelly. During our first lesson, Kelly watched our play, so that she could evaluate and create a game plan of necessary drills, to improve our game. As we progressed, Kelly continued to support our desire of improvement, by adding new and innovative ways to teach us as individuals, as we have seen her do in group and private lessons.

We appreciate all your patience and direction,

Lorie and Mark (pickleballers forever)

Bill & Jackie Mahony

Kelly Whalen has transformed our Pickleball game.  A few years ago we were self-taught players transitioning from Tennis to Pickleball.  It was fun to bang the ball around, but we simply weren’t improving as players.

Then we took a beginner clinic with Kelly.  She definitely improved our understanding of the game.  Kelly taught us fundamentals and set a strong foundation.  The skill progression was just right for the group; as she differentiated her instruction to meet the needs of each player.

Kelly understands the whole game.  She teaches more than just how to hit a shot.  Her drills are purposeful and varied, but most importantly they are safely taught taking into account injury prevention and the physical capabilities of her players. 

Now we continue to progress as Pickleballers and are taking more lessons with Kelly.  She has challenged us to become strategic while applying proper shot selection.  Her coaching techniques, during game play situations, has instilled confidence and higher-levels of performance play.  We now are able to walk-on and play Pickleball almost anywhere with anyone.  Thanks to Kelly we’ve become students of the game and are passionate about the sport!  

Lastly and maybe most importantly, Kelly believes in her Pickleball players.  Her enthusiasm, humor, and instructional style instills a sense of greater confidence.  Participants are willing to connect with each other.  It seems she is able to build community in just one class session.

Therefore, we definitely recommend Kelly as a dedicated Pickleball Ambassador, Instructor, and Coach.  Thank you to Kelly for promoting the sport of Pickleball in Wisconsin. 

Gary B.

I've taken numerous lessons from Kelly, from large group instruction to one-on-one. She has helped me to strengthen my weaknesses, both defensively and offensively. She is effective teaching strategy and court positioning as well as shotmaking and footwork. Improvement comes through drills and demonstrations of correct form. I recommend her highly for anyone who wants to elevate their Pickleball game.

Jenny J.

Kelly is a fantastic coach.  She is passionate, patient, positive and encouraging with her students from all levels.  She is so easy to understand and offers great ideas for teaching techniques.  Her styles, instructions, and flow of lessons are professional.  The way she is able to identify, explain and demonstrate is an incredible gift as a coach and instructor for pickleball.  I'm so thankful that she helped me so much to understand the rules, fundamentals and strategies of the game.  Kelly is a rockstar!!!

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